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Ultimate Fan Recap and Review

Adam Lambert's Original High Tour Nashville 2016: Thoroughly Biased Ultimate Fan Recap and Show Review

Flash back six + years ago, on January 20th 2009, my switch was flipped to ON position when I laid eyes upon the most amazing vocalist on the planet. I honestly believe I was pre-wired at birth to respond viscerally to the voice and visuals of Adam Lambert.....Return to the present: Nashville, TN on March 10th 2016, it is pouring down rain including the usual cats and dogs along with their puppies and kittens and the electricity has just gone out at the hotel and my newly trimmed and tinted pink hair is out-of-the-shower soaking wet and needs the dryer and flat iron desperately. (read more)


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Ghost Town Music Video




Ghost Town by Adam Lambert Song Facts

What’s In a Label? Adam Lambert Fans Are About to Find Out

The question many of Adam's long duration core fans have is: “What kind of investment is Lambert’s new label, Warner Music Group making to promote their new artist and his upcoming album titled The Original High?” and “Will this be the year for Adam’s music to dominate the charts and get radio play?”
Despite the extended wait for new music, the Glamberts have managed to thrive on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness Lambert’s vocal engine and performance chops firing on all cylinders during his .....(read more)


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