Saturday , 23 June 2018
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About Ai

Welcome to Adam inspired. You have arrived at the Ultimate Guide to Adam Lambert Fan Resources. This site is built and curated by a Glambert and dedicated to all new and seasoned fans of Adam Lambert.

What? Another Adam Lambert website?
Yep! And since you’re here; I’m so glad you stopped by.
What makes this site different?
Thank you for asking.
This site is:

NOT an OFFICIAL site of Adam Lambert or those that represent him ( that’s a disclaimer)

NOT a breaking news site…nope.

NOT all about Adam…..What?  Not ALL about ADAM?

YES, that’s right 🙂 This site IS about MORE than Adam

It is about those folks who are INSPIRED by Adam Lambert – hence the name: Adaminspired.com.
It is about YOU and OTHERS – who are a fans of Adam Lambert and are inspired to express their love, excitement, and personal talents because of an immensely gifted artist.
It is about Getting YOU where you need to go.
It is about helping YOU find your favorite Adam Lambert resource, other friendly Glamberts, and…
And it is about promoting YOUR site, blog, art, ideas, or actions – whatever you have been inspired by Adam to create,  so that others may quench their thirst for ALL that is Adam, ALL of the time.
As you navigate  Adam inspired The Ultimate Guide to Adam Lambert Fan ResourcesAdaminspired.com you will come across all sorts of fun things to investigate and wonderful places to visit.
So, why not get started?
1) Sign up for notifications.
2) Submit an idea or something you have seen or created.
3) Become a ‘Adam inspired The Ultimate Guide to Adam Lambert Fan ResourcesMentorBert’ (what's that?)
3) Contact the ‘Curator’ (another name for the website author and administrator)
Please bookmark the home page and have fun.
May all your Berting be inspired!
P.S. Support a Glambert, supports Adam Lambert