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Adam Lambert Fan Site List

Welcome to the Long List of Adam Lambert Fan Sites. This is a great page to bookmark if you are hunting Adam Lambert news, photos, videos, announcements, rumors, fan stories. Each website is different. Take some time to visit each one and see what keeps the Glambert fan hearts beating. 

Rated Websites Adam inspired The Ultimate Guide to Adam Lambert Fan Resources Review Overall Rating
Adam Official 3.1 2/5 (3)
Adam Lambert Fans  1.0 2/5 (3)
Adam Lambert Live Wiki 4.8 4.25/5 (4)
Adam Lambert Media 4.5 4/5 (7)
On The Meaning of Adam Lambert 5.0 3.8/5 (5)

All fans are welcome to rate the sites above.

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YouTube Channels
Scorpio Bert


If you run an Adam Lambert website, group or community and you want to retire from doing it or close the domain. Please contact one of the more active websites or Facebook groups to put out a call to transfer the ownership to another interested party. If you need help archiving your site for posterity please contact Ai.

Adam Lambert History2014 – February
Adam Pictures2014 – January
Adam Lambert UK2014 – January
Adam Lambert ETC2014 – January
Adam Lambert Italy2014 – June
Adam Quote Daily2013 – February
Adam Bert Daily2013 – August
The Adam Lambert Connection TALC2012 – May
Adam In Radio Land2012 – June
AL Reference2009 – October

Adam Mitchell Lambert Fan Zone
Adam Lambert China
Adam Lambert Events
Adam Lambert Network

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