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Adam Lambert Fans Member Website 2/5 (3)

The Adam Lambert Fan Club Membership website is the Official pay-to-play website for Adam Lambert fans managed by ground(ctrl).

  • Occasionally offers pre-sale codes for ticket purchases.
  • Offers some exclusive merchandise.
  • Fans can post on their own personal blogs.
  • Community forum is thoughtfully moderated.
  • Low activity = Only the most essential announcements
  • Few promoted activities to engage fans.
  • Management attaches bloated handling surcharges on most purchases.

Your Rating of Adam Lambert Fan Club Membership site:

Adam inspired The Ultimate Guide to Adam Lambert Fan Resources Editor Rating: 1.0  NOT Recommended unless you have $10 to throw away – or they have an exclusive offer you really really want.

Ok, I try remain ever hopeful this website will be revamped with different management and refreshed vigor as Adam’s new album “The Original High” hits the charts in 2015. Adam Lambert deserves to be represented by a more professional and fan-centric company running his paid subscription website. Ground(ctrl) started out with a bang but has not carried that momentum through over the last three years.

During the first two years ALFC was worth the money. In fact, the fan club offered membership levels with exclusive packages, frequent contests, activities, tour meet and greet packages and more. But now…. NO MORE. All that has disappeared.  In the last three years, promised member packages were never delivered, contest prizes never awarded, customer service has been less than friendly or non-existent. This editor believes so much potential is being wasted.

Ai will be thrilled to scrap this review when a NEW, robust and fabulous fansite is launched. Meanwhile, take that $10 and support a Glambert fansite because SUPPORTING A GLAMBERT, SUPPORTS ADAM LAMBERT!

2/5 (3)

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  • bubblebabe3000

    It needs some serious revamping!