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Adam Lambert Media 4/5 (7)

Adam Lambert Media is an UNofficial website hosted and edited by active fan and devoted archivist devenlane. AdamLambertMedia.com is dedicated to every tidbit of news, formal announcement,  and major shift in consciousness that involves Adam Lambert who is considered by his fans and industry professionals as a world class entertainer, exceptional vocalist, and all around nice guy.

The website offers an email subscription opt-in to receive notice of the latest posts and an RSS feed. When visiting Adam Lambert Media you will find the home page covered with daily news collections,  a handy timeline list from Adam’s pre-Idol to present, plus links, links, and more links to articles, interviews, announcements and much more. Plan to spend the day just looking at the newest photos of Adam doing… well… whatever Adam wants – including goofy selfies, buying kale, nightclubbing, and dressing up or down, whatever.

  • Free to visit,  free to subscribe.
  • Frequent activity = Mostly daily.
  • Find news archives by timeline, categories and special collection topics
  • Access to a wealth of downloads
  • Active related social media accounts ( FB, Twitter)
  • Work In Progress… some links need to be restored
  • Lots of gyrating, flashing, undulating gifs (Is that a bad thing?)


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Adam Lambert Media
Adam Lambert MediaMay 22, 2017 at 4:26pm


Jeanie Benseman OH he's just so gorgeous, thanks for share...💋💋❤️
Adam Lambert Media
Adam Lambert Media shared a link.May 22, 2017 at 11:59am
Adam Lambert Media
Adam Lambert Media shared a link.May 22, 2017 at 11:50am

Your Rating of AdamLambertMedia.com

Adam inspired The Ultimate Guide to Adam Lambert Fan Resources Editor Rating: 4.5  Very Inspired, Highly Recommended. AdamLambertMedia.com  is an all round good experience if you are looking for news snippets about Adam and an overview of archived treasures. This is not a blog site with long paragraphs of heartfelt love for Adam. ALM is about a different kind of love. It is about impatient love, thirsty love for what’s happening in the pop culture frenzy of a super star singer named Adam Lambert.

Although this editor is personally not keen about multiple flashing gifs on the home page; admittedly, many of the gifs are rare gems and not to be missed, especially if you need a little thrill pill to generate a bump in endorphins.

It takes time, energy, dedication and a little ‘moolah’ to develop and maintain a website like ALM. It also takes love, motivation, inspiration and the helpful support and encouragement of other fans.

And if you have the means, don’t forget to donate to the industrious Glamberts that keep “this rocking world go-in round” We all know where some of the funds are likely to go....

4/5 (7)

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  • Abigail Sponder

    As the name says, this is entirely a media site. Which is why I like it and give it 2/5. It’s
    still incomplete and parts like the calendar are ugly as (f). Also, sadly, the
    owner doesn’t even seem to be much of a fan of Adam but just likes to collect
    media. There’s lots of gross gifs (not related to Adam) which really leaves me
    puzzled as to why. The owner apparently doesn’t want to be a Glambert and I can
    fully understand that but they’re taking too far. The site has potential
    though. Add a great searchable picture archive, stop with the gross and ugly
    pics and gifs (seriously, grow up) and the site’ll be on its way up.