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Adam Lambert Media is an UNofficial website hosted and edited by active fan and devoted archivist devenlane. AdamLambertMedia.com is dedicated to every tidbit of news, formal announcement,  and major shift in consciousness that involves Adam Lambert who is considered by his fans and industry professionals as a world class entertainer, exceptional vocalist, and all around nice guy.

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April 23, 2017 at 1:44pm
April 23, 2017 at 1:44pm
Adam Lambert Media
Adam Lambert Media shared Queen's photo.April 21, 2017 at 3:03pm
Peter Robinson Actually Bri - we were lucky to get our tickets and can't wait to see you again. But I'm sorry that so many couldn't get tickets and that there are so many on sale on the resale sites. Please help to stop this vile practice. Thanks.
Andrea Allan Ticket touts are a disgrace. It should be illegal to sell tickets for more than face value. That way the people who are really interested get to see the bands they love without being ripped off. I got mine at face value luckily but it's unfair for others that are not so lucky. (Also helps that I'm not at work this week or I'd have missed out too) Hope everyone who got tickets has the best time ever.
John-Paul Priestley Tried getting tickets, sold out by the time I got through, but it's okay, I can pay double to buy the tickets off of sanctioned ticket resale sites. The system is thoroughly shambolic and immoral. Those sites are no better than the ticket touts outside the venue.
Anne Bibby It's a con , ordinary fans , priced out !!!! Been trying to get tickets since 10 this morning , no luck but then for sale at inflated prices on a resale sight 😠😠😠😠😠
Celtic Press Welcome to the world of the your. Seeing bands now is a rich man's game. £300 QUID!!!. when will the sites wise up and sell only 2 per person. For old bands such as queen it is only fans going and they are being priced out. Long live the tribute band for value!!!
Chris Taylor As a thought - why has Ticketmaster who seem to have the franchise on ticket events supporting are even linked to a site like " get me in" - wonder then if they allocate some tickets to the site for sale at over top prices. As a main site they should be totally detached from then. Also, from previous experience, how do you actually get the better tickets (not talking VIP) but better seats which are at normal price. Have never been able to go this .
Veronica Miles Would loved to have taken my 9yr old daughter, who is a massive queen fan but tickets sold out apart from in EBay where they are going for ridiculous prices. These sites and touts need to be stopped so genuine fans can see there idols. X
Karen Peppy Turner Like Queen and heard that Adam Lambert is quite good but why are the tickets so ridiculously expensive? Where does the money go? Don't know how anyone can justify charging that much! 😬
Dee Mead OMG what a ridiculous ticket prices. I saw Queen with Adam Lambert at O2 a few years ago and ticket prices were no-where as expensive as this tour. Shame as a lot of fans will not be able to afford these prices.
Becky Mitchell "By the time we get back home we should be quite good" 😂😂😂 Brian, you're ace!! Soooo excited (and very lucky) to be seeing you all again in November 🎉🎶❤️
Vicky Warrener Excellent that it's a sell out but sadden to see tickets we paid face value for on "GetMeIn" for £399 - it's the fans that miss out again and the touts are quids in!!!
Mary Sample Absolutely love Queen and have done since I was 10. Unfortunately, I'm priced out because tickets are so expensive :(. Never mind, I'll have to make do with reruns of Live Aid :) x
Andy Brookes Very disappointed :( With two special needs boys, we spent an hour trying to get through to the Manchester Arena Access Scheme only to be told, via automated message, that disability seats for this show were sold out. Tried Ticketmaster - nothing unless we could accept single seats (not an option in a crowded, high stress environment like this) Still advertising the show on TV is not helping our situation - but what do they care..... Frustrated Parent!
Ann Clarke Gove Soo happy you included Belfast, got my tickets' & more than happy to pay £74 Freddie may no longer be with us but he lives on in his music xxx
Ryan Jones There's got to be some new way stamping out these mass ticket tout vermin. Understood that they have always been on the Scene in some shape or form but the internet and social media in recent years has tipped things upside down for the normal fans. Tickets in Glasgow were gone in a matter of seconds this morning and then up for sale on secondary sites very soon after. How the f*!ck is that right? Exactly the Same for the Metallica gig
Kevin Madeley Got my ticket for brum in November... don't mind the prices as it's always a great show...pisses me off i only paid £16.50 for Knebworth in 86 lmao 😁😁😁long live Queen n Freddies music
Andrew Willoughby It's been an unbelievably stressful day Birmingham came to the rescue at the 11th hour Echoing what others have said these resale sites are a cancer that needs to be removed
Mary Brant Bauer Crazy prices indeed! When I was a kid, Q toured the States. They consciously lowered prices - tix were something like $7.50! And the show was incredible. One of my first concerts and I'll never forget it. Everyone should have that opportunity!
Stuart Gillan For those real fans like myself, why not release this on dvd at a decent price. Only way myself and others will get a chance to enjoy the show
Andy Price Sorry Brain ..very disappointed in the ticket prices.. just under £200 for two tickets plus our other costs in getting to the concert.. been a Queen fan since I was 11 .. I am now 53..I have spent thousands on my favourite band over the years but can not afford or justify paying this amount to see you guys..luckily we saw you in Manchester a couple of years ago and it was a fantastic concert and no way near as expensive as this time around
Suzanne Haynes So bloody excited! We have tickets!! Saw you all last year in Italy with my mum Linda Bav and you made us love Queen even more than we thought possible! My requests for the new tour are Spread my Wings and Pain is so close to Pleasure! I think Adam could really do pain and pleasure justice! (Cos I've seen his killer queen) love you all! Xxx
Helen Howe Delighted to get tickets for Belfast for my hubby for his 52nd birthday, we went to see you in Liverpool when he was 50 and you were just amazing, hubby didn't know until we were standing outside the stadium! Brian signed a birthday card which has pride of place! Just told him we were flying over to Liverpool for a wee. Birthday weekend so he was totally shocked, he had previously saw ewes in Berlin in 1983 and 1985!! X
John Saunders When the guys Queen &I A.L played Brisbane VIPP on stage was $850 about £400 Ticketmaster are the ticket sales company here also but scalping is illegal if anyone is caught trying their tickets are cancelled (without refund)
Paul Stevens Hmm, I detect a trend with regards the comments on tickets/prices/professional touting on an industrialised scale. When will anything ever be done about it?
Paul Stevens I wonder if Brian actually sees this page? I suspect 95% of the comments on this post are about ticket prices and legalised professional touting companies, rather than the band or the music. Brian is a clever bloke with social concerns, as well as a profile of influence and power. If anyone could do something to promote change in the current overtly dodgy system, then he can.
Adam Lambert Media
Adam Lambert MediaApril 20, 2017 at 1:58pm

TRT World about Queen + Adam Lambert upcoming tour https://youtu.be/NlurcI6VYYA

Adam Lambert Media
Showcase: Queen to tour Europe with Adam Lambert
Queen was one of the biggest stadium rock bands in the world by the early ‘80s. And, 16 years after frontman Freddie Mercury died, the British group is still...

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    As the name says, this is entirely a media site. Which is why I like it and give it 2/5. It’s
    still incomplete and parts like the calendar are ugly as (f). Also, sadly, the
    owner doesn’t even seem to be much of a fan of Adam but just likes to collect
    media. There’s lots of gross gifs (not related to Adam) which really leaves me
    puzzled as to why. The owner apparently doesn’t want to be a Glambert and I can
    fully understand that but they’re taking too far. The site has potential
    though. Add a great searchable picture archive, stop with the gross and ugly
    pics and gifs (seriously, grow up) and the site’ll be on its way up.