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AdamOfficial.com is the OFFICIAL site for Adam Lambert (vocalist – entertainer- live performer extraordinaire and most notably a 'GFG' .)

AO offers a modest selection of news, events, community, merchandise and more. Official news and announcements on AdamOfficial.com are considered as confirmed, approved and true.

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Adam’s current label, Warner Brothers Records is offering a ‘new’ sign up for email announcements. (March 2015) This activity may indicate a ‘new and improved’ version of AO is in the works.


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Adam inspired The Ultimate Guide to Adam Lambert Fan Resources Editor Rating: 3.1  Recommended.  AdamOfficial.com is Adam’s official home, but sadly, it only offers limited or delayed announcements and constrained (censored) community activity. Ai encourages fans to visit AO but look beyond the official sites and participate within other communities, websites, social media , niche groups, and media archives to stay informed of the most current topics, rumors, speculation and breaking news about Adam Lambert.

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Adam Lambert’s Official website for news, music, events, community, merchandise and photos
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  • I hope with the new label that the official site and fan club are revamped before they turn into a GHOST TOWN.