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Adam Lambert Live (wiki) 4.25/5 (4)

The Adam Lambert Live (adamwiki.org) website is an UNofficial resource hub organized in an easy-to-navigate, hierarchical outline, hyperlinked wiki website that presents the music recording and performance history of Adam Lambert. 

The main topic headings are:

  • Music Eras,
  • Idol Tour,
  • Solo Tours,
  • Queen Tours and
  • Special Projects.

Drill down to any of the sub-topics and you will be offered up just about everything you could possibly need to know including dates, locations, set lists, YouTube playlists, articles, reviews, download links to HQ videos, mp3s…. and more. 

  • Free and public website.
  • Recently Active = Updates As Needed.
  • User friendly overview and navigation.
  • This site makes sense of it all!
  • Lacks an RSS feed

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Adam inspired The Ultimate Guide to Adam Lambert Fan Resources Editor Rating: 4.8  Heartily Inspired, Highly Recommended. 
This Editor gives a hats off and a bow to those ambitious Glamberts that collect, curate and organize the mountains of media that Adam Lambert generates. Admittedly though, there is an insatiable thirst to be quenched for all things Adam Lambert and that goes double for audio and video of his LIVE performances.

To it’s credit, this site focuses where it needs to based on the structure of a wiki. It does not attempt to archive and curate the endless stream of photos of Adam; that task is better left to other formats. But, there is a sprinkling of images that compliments the lists of data and links.

As of this review (and the Editor’s current knowledge), Adam Lambert Live is the only wiki-style, fan built, website that offers intense coverage of Adam’s performance career. It offers a professional level of archiving and download link access to assure that many of the Adam resources are not lost if scrubbed from the public, more volatile landscapes of the internet ( such as YouTube.)  Ai extends it’s heartfelt appreciation to those who contribute the financing required for things such as cloud space and hosting to house multi-‘terra’ bytes of information, 

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4.25/5 (4)

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