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Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert shared Queen's photo.April 21, 2017 at 12:57pm
Emma Parry I got mine in presale for Leeds on Wednesday! So glad! Everyone complaining they don't like Adam - go to a different page and complain. I'd pay Β£70 just to see him if he did his own tour! He's bloody fantastic! With Queen he's immense!
Thomas Murray The thing is when you think of queen you think of Brian and Rodger you very rarely instantly think of JD and I personally think Adam Lambert has as much presence as either Freddie or George Michael. The Β£70 price tag is justified as they are QUEEN!!! and are prince's of the (touring) universe and here's a thought if you don't agree with the price some venues charge it's quite simple just DON'T PAY IT
Craig Evans If you didn't get a ticket don't worry adam will be on xfactor impersonating freddie again no doubt ..but minus queen again
ηΎŽηŠζΉ– Thanks to Adam amazing voice Freddie will be very happy he's songs can see day light again. And Brian will never thought he will find Adam to help Queen go on stage again. It just meant to be πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘β€πŸ‘‘
Dave Holland Been a Queen fan since 1973, saw them with Freddie seven times. Whilst I have no problem with them carrying on with Adam Lambert I do have a problem with these ticket prices and the fact they have been snapped up by agencies to flog on at even more ridiculous prices. If Iron Maiden can sort this problem out then so should Queen - they've been at it long enough. Ripping fans off and flogging songs to adverts is not what I expect from Queen.
Alyson Jackson Lightfoot Sells out in first hour? I was on there at 10a.m and nothing to be found. However, had a feeling a second date would be added so I waited rather than buy at scalp prices. Glad I did. Fee Free Friday with a Barclaycard too so no fees.
Mike Earl Not available yet. And I for one will not be buying from reseller sites. Always assuming the shows actually happen, of course....
Luka DuplančiΔ‡ I love Queen but the original one which is unfortunately over. I respect you guys but I won't listen this guy trying to cover Freddie and give you a 100 quid for it. Won't even do it for free
Paul Davies Wanted to go and see them until I saw prices Β£89 + fees no chance . Surely after all these years they realise They are very rich , most of the fans aren't . I'll stick to the original and best on my collection.
Tina Feasey Despite having priority with you and with O2, I just couldn't get tickets. There seemed to be a problem with the site! Then sold out! Absolutely gutted! TODAY I GOT TKTS for Birmingham on 16th, not the seats I'd hoped for but I got some. Thank you so much, cant wait.
Sheila Chilton Would have loved to have gone to this show. Adam is awesome, but Β£20 per ticket admin is disgusting and should be stopped. Genuine fans are not millionaires.
Victoria Rose Temple The tickets were v expensive but this is my last queen gig so I'll pay it. They were amazing 8 years ago even without Freddie.
John Michael Poole And to spunk Β£90+ to watch Brian and Roger do their thing whilst carrying Adam Lambert, I'd rather wipe my are with sand paper. They need to stop. They're not skint are they
Paul Bailey I managed to get my ticket for Birmingham on 30th November. I knew they would sell out fast.
Sue Maloney Hedges Really wanted tickets for this. Saw it advertised from Β£69 so was hopeful., but there's no way I'm paying over Β£100. Glad it's sold out...
Carole Horner Gutted missed out on tickets this time. Some of us cannot access the website at work so have missed out - some should have been held back until after 5pm.
Steve Ford Shove it. Saw them at Liverpool. Brian and roger have still got it. But it's not queen.
Pim Van der Kooij Such a pity that the show in the Netherlands is already sold out! I hope that one of the shows will come out on DVD! To all the Band members, good luck with tour!πŸ‘πŸ» Ps: I hope my English is good ha!
ηΎŽηŠζΉ– If not Adam.. Can't some one give me some names who can tour with Queen? 😊
Daniele Cardu It's a shame how a few minutes after sales were opened the tickets were already sold out on ticketmaster, but there was plenty on getmein. Somebody should do something to fight secondary ticketing.
Gavin Smallwood been to see them a few times i'm a big freddie fan and got to say Adam was amazing well done to him, and thanks to him i got to see the two best musicians ever
Quentin Cl Queen When do come in France :'( ?? I'll be so happy to see you and Adam for the first time !! Keep this magie so powerful you have... You're the Greatest !
Dave Hodgkiss Queen sort out this ticket rip off,Β£100+to see show.From a very disgruntled Queen fan,Brian,Roger we are fed up with these criminals
Steve Borg You give extra dates for Birmingham Yet nobody can book. Or is this sold out as well
Duncan Robertson Just bought tickets on the barclaycard arena website no problem! (For the 16th Dec date)
Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert shared Queen's photo.April 20, 2017 at 12:32pm
Rachael Dodds Those who hate the new setup, is there really any need to comment on every post? Is it not easier just to scroll past & ignore it, leaving it for those who are interested?
Emelie Mager Can't wait!!! Got my tickets in the pre-sale for the show in Amsterdam. People who keep complaining about Adam should get their ears checked, his voice is beyond amazing. And he really knows how to put on a show.
Carole Bailey All the thousands of people who want to see Adam with queen can't all be wrong ! Miss Freddie but the music lives on . You have a choice , so do we!
Jennie Sykes-Martin I saw Queen with Freddie and yes he was one of a kind... Adam has his own interpretation in their hits and he has an amazing voice!! I'm sure that the guys wouldn't have him front them if he couldn't cut it!! Let's face it they have a bit more knowledge than some of the ranters!! By the way I have my tickets and so excited 😊
Nichola Hidrey I got my tickets for manchester on pre sale this morning came to Liverpool with my husband 2 years ago and was an amazing show I still talk about it now can't wait πŸ˜ƒ x
Robert Anthony Durrant My mum was pleased to see the advert in the papers today. Basically i have been a fan of Queen since my older brother bought Fat Bottomed Girls/Bicycle Race new in single... I was very young then. Its good to know you guys are still on the road πŸ˜ƒ.
Chris Taylor I am disgusted that tickets were on sale yesterday on get me in ahead of the pre sale. Also all the tickets in today's presale already on get me in at double the price. Do what about the actual people like me trying to get tickets who actually want to attend? What happened checking for robots- joke-
Antonio H. Pinilla After Bono died, Adam Clayton left the band, and The Edge and Larry Mullen Jr. are now touring as U2 + Kris Allen (from American Idol), in spite of saying for years that there's no U2 without Bono
Sharon Rynhart Got tickets for Manchester. Near the back but at least I've got some!
Susan Vasque Born in '95 so obviously I never had the chance to see Freddie live (he's my idol by the way) Brian, Roger and Adam are the closest thing I have to experiencing a classic rock concert...I plan on seeing them in LA this summer...trust me I will be imagining Freddie right by Adam's side...#queenfanforever
Zachary Strouse Fucking babies, I swear. It's a band, Adam Lambert has some of the biggest chops in the music industry, whether you want to admit it or not. Mercury's dead and gone, your incessant bitching and complaining won't change that.
Ernelyn Lucas Waiting for summer to arrive. Going to see my two Legends in Toronto and Montreal. I missed out on seeing Freddie live and I regret it. I will get the chance to see the other two in the Summer so I can't wait! I love the original but this is the best I can have. Adam is there so I don't mind seeing him. It will be fun for sure. 😍😍😍
Gee Murrin Craig Tom Hannah London December 13th? Don't have to go as far as Scotland then... Although, it is a Wednesday :-/
Andrew Thomas Seen Adam and Queen once. Got my tickets for Manchester now. Great show for any Queen fan. Recommend to all fans.
Rebecca Martin Omg Lydia first concert sold out in the presale, reckon I'm in for a fight!
John Dooris I can't believe how quickly the tickets sold out, got one eventually, not the one I wanted but it's something
Julie Fortenberry I went to the one in San Diego yeas ago b4 2007 and it was great although I also saw them with Freddie and that was amazing
Gabriel Stevens Would have gone to this as wednesdays are my day off but instead booked the show in Friday at wembley.
Jenny Letchford Tickets for Wembley booked. My 8 year olds first ever live show experience.. he loves queen! I am so excited!!!
Allie Drewery Gutted that I couldn't get tickets unless I took a pair of binoculars.. ..and that was only in Nottingham. Wouldn't even attempt any of the big arenas as it would only been up in the gods and watching the screen. Mardy cardy on. 😭😭😭😭😭
Cathryn Lovell I saw the heroes in 1986 at slane. Im glad they are still making people happy but its incomparable which is why i ll stick to my memories of the best live show i ve ever seen
Glenn Russell LOL it;s Queen.... in London. Did you really not see this coming? Speaking of coming. Hurry up and be coming back to Australia.
Tyler Belanger Brian may I will help with you with your next phd project if you come to like the shitty small town but that still loves you that I live in called North Bay..
Heather Freedman Can't wait for this tour! Got my tickets already 😊😊
Claire Ellis Would love to go again this year but just not possible... whoever keeps clicking angry every time Adam lambert gets mentioned needs to get over it... he is so humble to freddie... he doesn't want to be Freddie!! Seriously move on... he is celebrating the life and legacy of Freddie with the blessing of Queen!!
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