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Adam Lambert Media .com by devenlane

Adam Lambert Media

Adam Lambert Media is an UNofficial website hosted and edited by active fan and devoted archivist …

  • Abigail Sponder

    I would rate this 1/5 with an A for effort lol. The whole site is a mess and basically
    serves as an archiving ground for the name giving madam. Its members are more
    on the older side who love to perv over Adam’s dick but do not want to go onto
    twitter. Hence the archiving of every (f-ing) tweet ever tweeted about Adam, no
    matter how benign. Whereas other archives suffer from being incomplete, this
    site suffers from too much. Everything is too much which is why it’s not useful
    anymore. Madam collects (a)-kissing members, so there’s not much hope for
    improvement. But at least she’s not out on the street doing harm. And she’s not
    perpetrating crazy theories like Q3 from Adamtopia, so a well-deserved star.