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On The Meaning of Adam Lambert 3.8/5 (5)

On the Meaning of Adam Lambert is an UNofficial ‘salon’ website first conceived by two professional women known to the fandom as Juneau and Xena. It was during the intoxicating indoctrination of the American Idol audience ( including Juneau and Xena ) by mega vocalist Adam Lambert  that inspiration for this website and a book of the same name emerged.  Six years and still going strong, OTMOAL  offers a blend of elegant soul drenched writing, along with weekly newsy fast track postings of Adam du jour events.

This is a friendly site and the content is like an oxygen fix for all those who have experienced that intellectually enlightened moment when they realize they are standing in complete awe of Adam Lambert. The writings you will discover here are for those who begin ( and continue ) to question “Why?” why does THIS singer/ performer /entertainer strike the chord, flip the switch, and cause one to respond with a viceral sentience that triggers both mind and body. Juneau and Xena have continually tried to explore and explain these phenomena through engaging personal ‘salon’ posts, sharing of dialogue with other fans, interviews with industry professionals and more.

The website includes a basic Adam Lambert  info section, a  mixed section of miscellaneous amusements, a mini-community portal for comments, and a rather obscure link to their weekly podcast archives from their blogtalkradio era. Even if the in-depth meaning of Adam Lambert isn’t your ‘cuppa tea’; there is something here for everyone. So, cozy up and plan to spend some time on this site.

  • Free to view and free to subscribe.
  • Frequent Activity = Weekly Compilations + Must Know Extras.
  • Offers a balance of news and the ‘deeper’ meaning of Adam Lambert.
  • Large doses of comfort here for those been ‘bitten’ by the Adam Lambert obsession. WARNING! you will find no cure!


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Adam inspired The Ultimate Guide to Adam Lambert Fan Resources Editor Rating: 5.0  Very Inspired, Highly Recommended. On the Meaning of Adam Lambert is a MUST subscribe to site. Your inbox will get a weekly + email to keep you updated on Adam Lambert, his new music and appearances. These ladies know their stuff and have shared very artful musings about their personal journey as a fans of Adam Lambert.  Juneau and Xena’s enthusiasm for all that is Adam and their dedication to keep his fans informed are in a league of their own.

3.8/5 (5)

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  • Sam Sammy

    Sorry, I think you are a bit clueless to have included the “On The Meaning of Adam Lambert” site in your site.

    Imho, it is a money-grabbing site which has been making money out of Adam Lambert’s name and his fans!

    • The Ai site is independently build, hand curated and not associated with any other site.

      Ai ‘s mission is to be inclusive of the many viable websites and info sources available to both new and seasoned fans of Adam Lambert.

      For those fans that visit Ai and choose to avoid some websites due to personal tastes, judgements or grudges… so be it.

      The spirit of Ai is to promote Adam Lambert and to help fans find the best ‘fit’ for them to do their Berting.

      If you have a favorite website(s) please feel free to let Ai know about it so others don’t miss out.

      Cheers! and happy Ghost Town day!!

    • elKat

      Sorry, but you are ill-informed and sorrily misled. Any money involved was on their part to keep us informed on the fandom. Twitter rumors are very hard to dispel and keep on cycling to people who do not take the time to be informed. Visiting their site has been very rewarding to me and totally voluntary.

    • bonnie d

      I have always enjoyed OTMOAL, have made many friendships over the years there, and have tried to keep up with those there who have literary talents that I envy. I was glad to have the book which caught me up on their earlier years, and was certainly an effort of love by them. No money grubbing there. This site has been all inclusive (like Adam) and I can only hope my friendship with Juneau, Xena, and all the other posters continues as we watch Adam attain his rightful place in rock history.

  • Great site! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Donna Tiller-Law

    I have been a regular on this site for over 5 years and found it to be very stimulating and classy. It’s not just news about and flail over Mr. Lambert, but is full of insightful essays and musings. i find the people to be educated in many areas and very willing to share ideas of other. There has been no “money grubbing”. No one is making money here!A lovely book was put together that gathered fans feelings about their
    Adam Journey”. No profits. In my estimation, the editors had to dig into their own pockets. Oh, and there was a very fun radio show and live chatroom that required vast amounts of time by these lovely ladies. Sam Sammy seems to be running on rumor and misunderstanding.

  • JuneauXena

    Thank you for this well-informed review of “On the Meaning of Adam Lambert.” It is deeply gratifying to realize that the time, energy and heart that have been poured into our writings and cataloguing are being appreciated and understood.

    I would like to correct some misinformation that unfortunately is being circulated about our blog. We have been falsely accused of “money grubbing,” and this smear campaign continues to be promulgated without an iota of proof. Our blog, book of the same title, and radio and film projects would need to generate a considerable sum to compensate us for the time and resources we have put into them, and that is clearly implausible given the lack of any mechanism for generating revenue (save for the book; more on that below). Our work is available for free to anyone. Rather than make money, we have spent significant personal funds on licenses for software, our BlogTalkRadio show and PRWeb subscriptions to promote Adam’s career and especially his phenomenal fan community.

    Our book was commercially published out of our conviction that the impact of Adam Lambert on his fans, and the role of social media in driving his career and fandom, were topics that deserved to be documented through a professional (not vanity) publication. Our publisher invested significantly in the project, and we hope some day to earn him back his investment. We made enough through royalties to cover perhaps 20% of the cost of our marketing campaign, but rather than reimburse ourselves, we donated it all to various charities that Adam supports: DonorsChoose, charity:water, Trevor Project and TrueColors.

    Our motivation is simple: to celebrate and promote this singularly talented and special artist and human being, Adam Lambert, and to live by the values he represents to us: honesty, free expression, love, inclusiveness, curiosity, and profound appreciation for great music, art, beauty, and friendship–all while having the the time of our lives. We are grateful to the wonderful support we’ve received from so many readers around the world and look forward to “era 3”. Let the music play!

  • feinsteinfan

    I rather doubt that Juneau and Xena have made any money from Adam Lambert.
    We have all been corresponding since the end of American Idol and we keep coming back to this site due to friendships that we have made and personal opinions that we treasure from intelligent people who have all fallen into the spell of
    Adam. I have only good thoughts about this site and the people on it. I have met up with some on trips to see Adam.Sam Sammy seems to think the worst of people and most Adam
    fans look to the best in people.

  • Abigail Sponder

    For “political reasons” this site gets 0/5 stars from me. The owners are shady as (f), are
    making money of Adam (a huge no-go in fan culture) and stood on the wrong side
    of history in Montegate. Not worth investing more words tbh. A shame that this
    site is included here. But I guess with the selection of which sites to rank
    the curator of adaminspired makes the allegiance clear.