Saturday , 23 June 2018
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inspired Fans of Adam Lambert

Welcome to the (soon-to-be-LONG)  List of inspired Fans of Adam Lambert. Bookmark this page if you want to connect with Glamberts all over the world.

Adam Lambert inspires his fans and they are expressing themselves on social media, writing blogs, writing fanfic, running websites, drawing pictures, making dolls, joking around, sharing stories and much more that qualifies as obsessive ‘Berting’.

Take a look here. You may find someone who not only is inspired by Adam, but has things in common with your own interests.

Fans That Blog Twitter .
Bad Ass Alter Ego United-Kingdom @kymysmith
Adam Lambert GlamFans @GlamFanNation
Adam Lambert Obsession @Lambosessed
. . .
Philanthrophy Twitter Mission
A Touch of Sparkle (gofundme)  @_touchofsparkle Chemo care packages
. . .
Fun Stuff Twitter What Fun?
Flail Mail Exchange @Mountainflowr Glambert card exchanges
. . .
Photographers, Videographers Twitter Instagram
Adam Lambert Photos United-States @TrustAbitch
Grrrr_girl United-States @Grrr_girl Grrr_girl
. . .


Artists, Graphics, Designers Twitter .
AllaFehu Ukraine @alla_Smit allaglam77.tumblr.com
CreativeSharka Czech-Republic @CreativeSharka
Oksssana Ukraine @Oksssana oksana.adamova
Kardamdoll  @Kardamdoll
. . .

Do you blog about Adam, make Adam art, or run a fansite, group or community for Adam Lambert fans? If you don’t see the your site or twitter handle on the Ai list please contact us.

The fans listed on this page whose entry contain this icon  have requested or approved their information be displayed publicly. If you are on this list and do not wish to have your information displayed, please contact us.